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At Creatrixe, we are committed to revolutionizing IT education by seamlessly integrating academic learning with the practical demands of today’s tech industry. Creatrixe Runbook is designed with a vision to empower the youth of Pakistan amidst financial challenges, our mission extends beyond traditional education. We aim to bridge the significant skills gap in the IT sector by providing hands-on training and real-world project experience, aligned with the highest standards of North American and international markets. Our comprehensive approach includes collaborations with academia and industry leaders, ensuring our students are equipped with the latest technologies, tools, and ethical practices. Through our unique training programs endorsed by experts from top MAMAA/FAANG companies, Creatrixe Runbook is dedicated to nurturing a skilled workforce that is not only ready to tackle current technological challenges but also adaptable to future innovations. Join us on this transformative journey to elevate IT education and create opportunities for a brighter, more successful global future.

Meet Our Team of Experts

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Mr. Ameed Ansari

Co-Founder & Technologist

Mr. Meer Anwar

EIR, Founder PixelPaddle

Mr. Osama Ali

Tech Geek

Ms. Shoohira Aftab

Training & Development Lead

Mr. Andre Gagon

Master Trainer

Mr. Claude Jones

Master Trainer

Ms. Ginette Tremblay

Lead Trainer